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Ty Beanie Ballz - Speedy The Guinea Pig

Speedy The Guinea Pig


Package Quantity: 1

The youngster can cuddle up with the Speedy The Guinea . The barcode for this is 0008421380015. The special features include surface wash, authentic ty beanie ballz collection and 5" tall. The pig doll dimensions are 4"H x 8"L x 3"W. Best deal for the speedy the guinea . For more information about this doll, check out our partners via the link.

You'll only see a blur as I race on by, No 1 can catch me, so don't even try! Throw'em! , Pow! , Bam! , Slam'em! Measuring 5", these cute, furry"critters"are so much to play with. They always land on their feet!


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