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Only Hearts Club - Papa Baby Pigs

Papa Baby Pigs

OHC Group

Package Quantity: 1

Your tot will take the Papa Baby Pigs almost everywhere. The doll weighs somewhere around 0.09 lbs. Shopping for Papa Baby Pigs . To buy this product now at the cheapest price, visit our partners via the link.

Only Hearts Pets TM always stick together. Use their Velcro paws to have the pets hold onto your pencil or drinking straw, or to hold hands with each and each and every and each other to make bracelets, necklaces or barrettes. Now when you're not there, your Only Hearts Pet does not have to develop to be alone. Collect us all and keep us forever! Or use the enclosed clip to display your Only Hearts Pets on your backpack, notebook, luggage or bag. Only Hearts Pets also make great party favors and gift accessories (you can tie them to the ribbon on the present! There's tons of fun and love, as these adorable Mamas wrap their arms around their cute, little Babies and take care of them! ). We'll stick to every single other and to you wherever you go. It may do what babies love most-love and snuggle with its mommy! Only Hearts Pets introduces the Mama Baby series!


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