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Flying Pig

Flying Pig4 Star Rating
Flying Pig
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Your tot is going to take the Flying Pig pretty much everywhere. I certainly liked that the product had the feature of the slingshot flying pig is nothing short of outrageous!. Buying the Flying Pig . For more information on this doll, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this page.

flying they work like slingshot scream

Price: $3.10
Publisher: Toy Investments, Inc.

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They work like a slingshot and scream while flying. As an added bonus, each and every time you shoot him, he lets out three loud oinking sounds. Slingshot Pig flies with a oinking sound! They are roughly 9"lengthy and fly well over 50 feet. We don't know why he does this, he just does. The soft, furry Pig is funny with its big head and bulging eyes. The Slingshot Flying Pig is nothing at all brief of outrageous! The Pig could be shot long distances employing his elastic arms. Put a single finger in each in the hands' pockets, pull back and let go. The harder you pull back, the additional they will fly. If your office or residence demands some seriously funny props, you'll love the Slingshot Flying Pig.

  • Put one finger in the each of the hands' pockets, pull back and let go.
  • As an added bonus, every time you shoot it, it lets out three loud OINNNKKK calls.
  • The Pig can be shot long distances using his elastic hands.
  • The Slingshot Flying Pig is nothing short of outrageous!
  • Slingshot Pig flies with a oink screeeam! Just pull him back and let him fly! Slingshot Flying Pig Ages 4 and up

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